Pensioners die prematurely because most of them earn paltry ¢300 monthly – TUC boss

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has assessed the pensions situation in Ghana and has come to the conclusion that their condition is terrible, Secretary-General of the TUC, Dr Yaw Baah has said.

He revealed that many pensioners are dying prematurely because they receive as low as ¢300 a month.

This situation, he said, must change because pensioners do not have the energy at age 60 to engage in aggressive work for survival hence, their dependence on the pensions.

Dr Yaw Baah, while speaking at a forum in Accra on Thursday April 21, said the TUC is going to push for salary increment.

He explained that the low level of salaries translate into low of pensions.

“We have analyzed pensions and those who are earning pensions, it is very sad. The low level of salary translates into low level of pensions directly and you will suffer more because you have wasted all your your energy working for this country and when you are 60 you cannot do what you used to do.

“But that is the time you are going to earn very little. No wonder many pensioners die before their appointed time. that should change .As I speak to you now, there are many pensioners who are earning just 300 cedis a month but you will be surprised to hear on the same social security scheme, SSNIT, somebody is earning ¢142,000 every month.

“If you multiply that by 12, you will get the annual pension for that pension. This is not right and we have to change it.”

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By Laud Nartey||Ghana


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