Palestinian gunman kills three Israelis

Security forces attended the scene after the attack[/caption] Three Israelis have been shot and killed by a Palestinian gunman at the entrance to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, Israeli police say. The gunman was also shot and died later but has not yet been identified, the authorities said. The attacker had “arrived at the rear gate of Har Adar along with Palestinian labourers entering the settlement” before opening fire on Israeli police guards, police said. Four people were seriously injured. The victims suffered gunshot and stab wounds, the Israeli ambulance service said. The identities of the Israelis shot dead are being withheld by the authorities, the Jerusalem Post newspaper reports. There has been a wave of stabbing, shooting and car-ramming attacks on Israelis, predominantly by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs, since late 2015. At least 50 Israelis and five foreign nationals have been killed in nearly two years of such attacks. More than 255 Palestinians – most of them attackers, Israel says – have also been killed in that period. Others have been killed in clashes with Israeli troops. Israel says Palestinian incitement has fuelled the attacks. The Palestinian leadership has blamed frustration rooted in decades of Israeli occupation. Source BBC  ]]>

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