Over 800 vehicles with DV, DP number plates seized in Accra

The Police in Accra has seized more than 800 unregistered vehicles for breaching the country’s road traffic laws, as the Police moves in to stop drivers from misusing DV and DP plates.

According to the Police, owners of these vehicles have been abusing the use of the DV and DP registration plates, noting it has become the choice for armed criminals and fraudsters. The Accra Regional Police Command seized the vehicles during a four-hour operation on Monday.
The drivers of these vehicles, mainly lawyers, military and police officers and other high-ranking personalities, are being processed for court. The offenders were arrested because they either refused to log, made false entries in the logbook or failed to provide logbook for inspection.
These, according to the Police, constitute offences under sub-section 60E of the Road Traffic Act 683 of 2004, amended as section 761 of 2008.
The Commander, DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno told TV3 that once a car is cleared from the port, it is either supposed to be taken to the owner’s home or a garage and then to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority for registration.
“But now, people are using these DV vehicles to work, they are using these vehicles to churches… some travel long distances to parties, funerals using these DV, DP plate which is against the Road Traffic Regulation,” he noted.
He said fraudsters and criminals are using vehicles with DV and DP plates to commit crime; something he said has been a problem for the Police to track because such vehicles used for criminal activities are not properly registered.
“After committing crime, if you want to trace the vehicle it becomes difficult to trace the registration number of these vehicles,” he said, and vowed to ensure the practice is nib in the bud, especially as Christmas approaches.
By: Peter Adattor|3news.com|Ghana

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