Office of the President 2nd most corrupt institution –IEA survey

The office of the President has been ranked by a public perception survey by the Institute of Economic Institute, IEA, as the second most corrupt institution amongst ten others in Ghana.

Typically, the first on the list is the Ghana Police Service. Members of Parliament and tax collectors were the fourth most corrupt according to the survey.

Twenty-three percent of the persons spoken to believed that the police are the most corrupt, while nineteen percent think the presidency is the second most corrupt.

Research Fellow at the IEA, Ransford Gyampoh, says the results point to severity of bribery and corruption in the country.

“The services which people had to pay bribe from the most likely to the least likely are; avoiding a problem with the police like passing a checkpoint or avoiding a fine or arrest at 6.7%, getting electricity connection is 6.6%, getting a document or a permit is 6.3%; getting treatment at a local Hospital that’s 5.1%, getting a place in Government SHS for a child is 5.1%”.

“Respondents’ view on corruption of ten state institutions namely the office of the President, Members of Parliament, Government Officials, according to the results of our survey, 23 percent of the people were of the opinion that nearly all police officers are corrupt. Only 4.4% said not all police officers are corrupt”.

“The police are followed closely by the office of the President, that’s 19.2%, tax officials at 15.4%, MPs is 15%. Others are generally government officials at 13.9%. DCEs 13.3%, Judges and magistrates’ at 13.1%, Assembly men and women as 11.9%, Immigration is 10.4% and the army is 7%.  This implies that the army is perceived by the public as the least corrupt institution”.

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By: Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie/|Ghana