Nurses, teacher trainees who completed their training in 2018 not posted – Former MP

Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta (L) and Health Minister Kwaku Agyemang-Manu

Former Member of Parliament for the Mion constituency, Mohammed Abdul Aziz, has alleged that nurses and teacher trainees who completed their training in 2018 have not been posted for duty across the country.

According to the former legislator of Mion, when he interacted with some of the nursing students, it was clear that government was not willing to absorb them into the job market.

He pointed out that it is obvious that the nurse-to-patient and teacher-to-student ratios in the country are very low yet the government is unable to post the newly trained nurses and teachers to the various health institutions across the country.

Mr Abdul Aziz took a swipe at the Finance Minister’s declaration that the public sector is choked with some 650,000 and thus are unable to absorb workers, saying before the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took over power, the labour force in the public sector was more than 600,000.

To him, the President Akufo-Addo-led government has not done a good job in employing many as they promised before coming to power.

He said the long lasting solution to solving the unemployment problem in the country is for government to lay the foundation for the private sector to thrive as it is evident that government alone cannot create employment in the country.

Mr Abdul Aziz stressed that “all over the globe it has been acknowledged that the private sector is the largest employer” in any country that has unemployment at heart.

He said it is ironic that the NPP government brags about reducing lending rates in the country yet is not worried that credit to the private sector is dwindling, largely because “government is borrowing excessively within the domestic market”.

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Mr Abdul Aziz explained by saying the financial institutions would prefer to lend to the state than to private individuals because with the state they are guaranteed of repayment hence the only way to deal with it is for government to reduce the appetite in borrowing within the domestic market in Ghana.

He proffered that when government embarks on building the infrastructure in the country, it creates employment in the formal sector as is the duty of government to provide employment in Ghana.

Mr Abdul Aziz said this in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the New Day show on TV3, Monday, October 25.

He was reacting on the heels of a mammoth queue by the youth seeking to enter into the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) as they opened for recruitment across the country and the announcement of the launch by President Akufo-Addo of the National Alternative Employment and Livelihood Programme (NALEP) on Monday, October 25, in Tarkwa in the Western Region.

“I am not sure government has an answer to the youth unemployment in this country. This government has also taken policies deliberately that have created unemployment. There are students who finished nursing training college in 2018 up to date and they have not been posted. Same for the teacher trainees, those who finished somewhere in 2018 have not been posted. Why? Government will tell you they are unable to pay them”, he charged on the New Day show on TV3.

Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana