NPP Presidential Primary: Akoto Afriyie appeals to delegates not to be swayed by money


A flagbearer hopeful of the , Dr Owusu Akoto Afriyie, has admitted the NPP is not in good standing to retain in 2024 unless the party presents a candidate who is appealing to Ghanaians based on his good track record.

He indicated that “morale of party activists on the ground is low. Also, the expectation of activists around the country for a better life has not been realised, hence, the drop of parliamentary seats of the NPP from 169 to 137 in the 2020 elections”.

Addressing the media at his residence in , the former of Food and said NPP needs to present someone with good track record in transforming lives and he stands tall among the other three NPP flagbearer hopefuls.

“With the kinds of policies that I pursued to support farming in and being able to turn around the agriculture , I can transform the economy of the country to a better one.”

Dr Akoto entreated delegates not to be swayed by but vote for someone who has a better vision for the party.

“I strongly appeal to the delegates not be be distracted by money because how much can anybody give you and how long is it going to last?

“We want to get to the roots of the problem of this party so that we are assured of the prosperity which will come in due course. Compare the vision of your competitors, which one will make the party flourish to the benefit of the people of Ghana”

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