Yendi Constituency: Hajia Abibata accuses EC officials, incumbent MP of rigging, rejects poll results

Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama

NPP parliamentary candidate aspirant Hajia Abibata Shanni Mahama has accused the Electoral Commission officials and the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Yendi constituency, Umar Farouk Aliu Mahama, of rigging the Saturday, January 27, polls. 

Hajia Abibata also raised concerns over the party’s 3rd National Vice Chairman, Alhaji Masahudu Osman, for “purportedly” confirming Mr. Aliu Mahama as the parliamentary candidate-elect for the constituency.

“Counting of ballot papers in the 2024 Yendi Parliamentary Election was profoundly and fiercely interrupted and halted due to a deliberate attempt by some Electoral Commission officials to manipulate the figures and overturn the verdict in favor of the incumbent MP, Farouk Aliu Mahama.

“The Electoral Commission officials whether by miscalculation or by design during the counting of the ballot papers in the full glare of party supporters jumped the count from 69 straight to 80 which was his first attempt to increase the votes of my opponent by 10 more,” portions of a statement by Abibata Shanni read.

The statement affirmed that there were attacks that disrupted the counting process, leading to the shredding of some ballots in the full glare of observers. This resulted in the police intervening to restore order.

According to Abibata, both parliamentary candidates were asked to leave the counting premises, only for Mr. Aliu Mahama to be subsequently announced as the parliamentary candidate-elect.

“The malevolent actions of the EC officials quickly provoked violent attacks from some party supporters who ended up destroying the ballot papers.

“It took the swift intervention of the Police present to protect the EC officials, and both aspirants were advised by the Security to move from the scene. The election can therefore not be declared without the aspirants or our assigned agents.”

“The purported declaration made by the 3rd National Vice Chairman is illegitimate and should be disregarded. The situation remains under review,” the statement added.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), however, called on the NPP leadership to take an interest in the matter and take “appropriate actions.”

NPP Parliamentary Primary in Yendi: EC officials jumped the count from 69 straight to 80 for Aliu Mahama – Abibata Shanni

The statement further called on supporters of Madam Abibata to remain calm as she petitions appropriate stakeholders, including the National Executive Committee of the NPP, over the chaos that occurred.

EC distances itself from purported declaration

The Electoral Commission has distanced itself from the purported declaration of a winner in the Yendi constituency after the Saturday polls.

The Commission in a statement noted that its attention has been drawn to a viral video on social media which content depicts an EC official announcing results in favour of the incumbent MP, Mr. Aliu Mahama.

“The Electoral Commission wishes to inform the General Public that, it has not declared results for the Yendi Constituency in the just-ended NPP Parliamentary elections. Seven hundred and Eighty-Five (785) voters voted, out of Seven hundred and Ninety-Four (794) registered voters.

“The counting of ballots for the incumbent, Hon. Farouk Aliu Mahama, was disrupted when the Presiding Officer had counted Two hundred and Ninety-Six (296) votes in his favor.
Unfortunately, the destruction of Four hundred and Eighty-Nine (489) ballots which remained to be counted, made it impossible for the Presiding Officer to complete the collation and declare the results,” the Commission emphasised.

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