Mentor X: Music is about forming sustainable relationships – Klass Test

Mentor X contestant Klass Test believes that it takes more than talent to survive in the music industry. According to him, having the right people in your corner would give you a tremendous push as and when you need it.

22-year-old Eric Takyi is a Mechanical Engineering student at the Accra Technical Unversity who hopes to propel his rap career through the Mentor X opportunity. Eric Takyi prefers to use Klass Test as his stage name to show his readiness for every test that life throws at him.

Klass Test Klass Test spoke about how he performed with a live band during the Mentor X Bootcamp. He revealed that as a profound moment in his career and was looking forward to learning from the judges, music gurus and his fellow contestants.

“When it comes to school, it’s the lecturer that teaches us. But as for rap, I write my own lyrics. So the feeling is different. Someone showing you the way is different from doing it on your own. And so when I am doing something on my own, I can do it more, you understand. So I feel I can excel in music.

“I am not here to win, but if I win, cool. I am here to learn. There are a lot of reality shows, and everyone cannot make it through. If you work hard to get inside, you meet so many people and form sustainable relationships. So I am not here purposely for the title. I am here to learn.”

Aside from his eagerness to learn, Klass Test is determined to leave a mark on Mentor X forever.

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“I am not here to joke. If out of over 1,000 people, I have been selected among the top 16. Nobody believed I could make it, so I am not here to play.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana