Killing of soldier at Ashaiman is crude, animalistic but Military’s response is undemocratic – CDS Africa

Soldiers stormed Ashaiman in armoured vehicles

The Centre for Democracy and Socio-economic Development (CDS) Africa has said that the murder of the young soldier at Ashaiman is crude, inhumane, and animalistic.

However, CDS said, the response by some military personnel in the form of attacks on residents of Tafia and the whole of the Ashaiman community is undemocratic.

The use of force against innocent civilians is a violation of their fundamental human rights and ought to be condemned, it explained.

It suggested that the leadership of the Ghana Armed Forces must call its men to order and ensure those responsible for the attacks on civilians are brought to book as soon as practicable.

“It is essential to recognize the importance of upholding the rule of law and due process, especially in a democratic country like Ghana. Violence is not a substitute for anything, in a democracy.

“The violence perpetrated on the residents of Ashaiman has far-reaching consequences for our democracy and peace. For instance, it may deteriorate relations with the security agencies, unduly delay and make the investigative work of the Police even harder because residents may become withdrawn or refuse to cooperate with investigators to identify and arrest the actual criminals who murdered Imoro Sheriff in cold blood. Therefore, we call on all to exercise restraint and observe the law. The rule of law is the way of democracy, and the Military must comply with the law. The Ministry of Defense must ensure that the Ghana Armed forces reflect the democratic values of Ghana,” statement issued by Edna Asante (Ms), Assistant Programmes Officer at CDS-Africa said.

On Tuesday, March 7, the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Ernest Norgbey reported that Military officers stormed the homes of some civilians in Ashaiman on Monday, March 6 and brutalized them after a soldier was killed in the area.

Mr Norgbey said on the Sunrise show on 3FM with Johnnie Hughes that “They can be peeved because one of their own is gone but brutalizing people is not the solution to this problem.”


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