Jeffrey Baiden receives laptop prize for ‘House of Mfantsipim’ essay competition

Master Jeffrey Baiden, a former student of Mfantsipim School, Parker House has been presented with his prize of a Laptop, cash prize and a collection of books for emerging the overall winner for “THE HOUSE OF MFANTSIPIM” Essay Competition organized for the students of the School.

The presentation was witnessed by Rev. Ebenezer Aidoo, the Headmaster of Mfantsipim School and executers of the RexDanquah Legacy Trust, namely Paul Rex Danquah, the President and his two Vices, Daniel RexDanquah and Magnus RexDanquah, Junior.

Presenting his prizes, Mr. Paul Rex Danquah congratulated the winner for the depth of his essay, writing style and skills as well as the use of language to paint a vivid picture of the person, after whom his dormitory was named after, recounting his character traits, vision, exploits and contributions to the School’s achievements over the years; and entreated the winner, Jeffrey Baiden not to give up such a gift in Literature, irrespective of which course he pursues at the tertiary level. He assured the recipient that the Trust will follow his future academic exploits and be ready to offer any assistance in future towards his academic pursuits.

Receiving his prize at the Tesano Offices of the RexDanquah Legacy Trust, Master Baiden thanked the institution for its continued interests in the affairs of Mfantsipim School and its students, particularly for the role played by Mr. Magnus Naabe RexDanquah over the past decades towards the development of the School. He mentioned stories of the diverse support provided by the father of the Trust’s President in the area of sports and also serving on the School’s Board of Governors.

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He stressed on his hope to be able to contribute his own quota to the growth of Mfantsipim School in future and reiterated his gratitude for the Trust’s juinitiative, which has defined a future role of all old students to give back to their alma mater.

The Headmaster of Mfantsipim School, Rev. Aidoo thanked Senior Magnus Naabe RexDanquah of MOBA 1972 Year Group for his continued support for the School and prayed that his three sons, Paul, Daniel and Junior – all past students of Mfantsipim will continue with the path that the father has set for the Trust. He prayed for continued collaboration between the Trust and the School through all kinds of support in addition to the organization of the House of Mfantsipim Essay Competition.

Mr. Kwabena Bomfeh, Junior, a friend of the Trust also presented a copy of Nana Kobina Nketsia V, Omanhen of Essikado Traditional Area’s bestselling book, ‘AFRICAN CULTURE IN GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT, THE GHANA PARADIGM’ to Master Jeffrey Baiden in appreciation of his feat and extolled him to continue to keep the Mfantsipim standards, even as he enters the next phase of his life at the tertiary level.

‘THE HOUSE OF MFANTSIPIM’ Essay Competition was instituted by RexDanquah Legacy Trust for Mfantsipim School students to write a not more than 1,200 words about the person in whose name his dormitory in the School is named after.

The fourteen (14) men for whom the dormitories have been named after are: BALMER, ACQUAAH, LOCKHART, SCHWEITZER, FREEMAN, AGGREY, SARBAH, PICOT, BARTELS, SNEATH, PICKARD, PARKER, ABRUQUAH and MONNEY.

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‘THE HOUSE OF MFANTSIPIM’ is akin to the Biblical “House of Jacob” as the great Patriarch called his sons to tell them what will happen to them and their descendants in the days to come; so by each dormitory or house name, each Mfantsipim Student or Old Boy is bestowed with such gifts, talents, destinies and future as deserving according to the exploits of that person.

Mr. Paul Rex Danquah informed the Headmaster that the Trust will confirm the date for the presentation of the rest of the prizes in the coming month to cover the dormitory stage as well as the overall School rankings for the final stage. He added that those winners who have passed out will be contacted for the Trust to honour them with their prizes.

The President of the Legacy Trust, Paul Rex Danquah intimated that the second edition of ‘THE HOUSE OF MFANTSIPIM’ Essay Competition as well as a special essay opened to both students and old boys on “THE MFANTSIPIM DREAM & ITS RELEVANCE TO SUSTAINING GHANA’S DEVELOPMENT” will be soon at the presentation of the rest of the outstanding prizes.