Intensify Covid-19 education – Tufuhene of Aye Kokooso urges

An educated population has long been regarded as an integral and crucial component of economic and human development.

This, in turn, reflects a broader commitment to capacity building to fulfilling development goals.

This is not only consistently high on the agenda of successive governments but also increasingly pursued by international organizations and global philanthropies.

It is in light of this that the Tufuhene of Aye Kokooso in the Asuboi District of the Eastern Region, Nana Atwere Bediako Akoto, who doubles as the Wrempehene of Akyem Apapamu, has called for the intensification of education on Covid-19 protocols.

“Capacity building for community members and leaders to facilitate community-led solutions to Covid-19 is crucial.”

Nana Atwere Bediako Akoto made this known when he together with like-minded people collaborated with the  Rebekah Awuah Foundation to provide education and distribute over 250 face masks to indigenes of Aye Kokooso.

“We have been using one-way communication channels with no opportunities for people to ask questions and provide feedback on potential challenge.  You know misinformation travels fast and can quickly undermine risk communication efforts and lead individuals to adopt ineffective prevention measures, increasing the risk of infection,” Nana Bediako Akoto said.

“That is why we put together this Covid response strategy. It is for the people and they must be seen and heard so we get results after sharing the masks; and that is exactly what we have done,” Nana Atwere Bediako noted.

President of the Rebekah Awuah Foundation Mad. Rebekah Awuah said partnering the Chiefs and people of Ayekokooso courtesy the Tufuhene Nana Atwere Bediako Akoto  is the best  thing that ever  happened to the organisation.

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“Ours is to reach out to the less privileged and vulnerable with our service and the people of Ayekokooso gave us that opportunity which we are grateful for,” she said.

Mad. Awuah indicated further that crisis events were always an opportunity for the show of humanness and the Rebekah Awuah Foundation has always been supportive during the Covid crises in Ghana. 

She mentioned that the current Covid-19 situation is a national issue and was happy that the foundation has found it expedient to collaborate to educate and make this presentation

A beneficiary, Offei Budu, said the government is doing the best it can to provide logistics for the Outbreak Response, but these may not be enough to deal with the situation as part of efforts to support Covid-19 Outbreak Response in Ghana.

He was happy the chiefs and people of Aye Kokooso partnered the Rebekah Awuah Foundation.

He, however, made a passionate appeal to all out there to extend support to this cause and make all donations to the Rebekah Awuah Foundation. 

The Tufuhene of Aye Kokooso and Wrepemhene of Akyem Apapamu, Nana Atwere Bediako Akoto known in private life as Lawrence Akoto Bediako, is the head of finance at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre – KAIPTC.

He was happy his people appreciated and embrace the initiative.

The Rebekah Awuah Foundation is also – a not-for-profit organization focused on assisting the most vulnerable in society, prioritizing people and leading positive change through young people.