Girls are prostituting because jobs in Ghana don’t pay well – Efia Odo champions #FixTheCountry agenda

Girls are prostituting because jobs in Ghana don’t pay well – Efia Odo champions #FixTheCountry agenda
Efia Odo

Efia Odo says that fewer people would engage in prostitution if jobs paid employees well. She said not everyone having sex for money is genuinely interested in the trade. But they have no choice.

According to the socialite, who has added her voice to the Better Ghana Agenda, poorly paid jobs and high cost of living is greatly related to prostitution in the country. In a video that she posted on her official Twitter account, she outlined the need for everyone to join the fight against bad governance.

The actress, suited up in an African two-piece, was heard in the video saying, “How can you be okay with children dinking contaminated water? Water with mercury. How is that okay with you? How are you okay with the lack of hospitals and hospital beds? How are you okay with children learning on the floor? Or on a rock? Would you be okay with your children learning on the dirt with rocks, no tables and chairs? If not. Then why should it be okay for other children to learn like that?”

The actress insists that if you are against the campaign, then you are either being paid to be sensitive or suffering from mental issues. She said it is senseless to think the movement is a political agenda because people want a better life.

Efia Odo said she’s lucky because she gets freebies from running promos on her social handles, but other girls are not fortunate. “There are so many girls who want to work. Not everybody wants to do prostitution. But some people have no choice because even teachers are with 400 cedis and 700 cedis a month. People are working hard for nothing!” She said.

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#FixTheCountry is a Twitter movement purported to seek better governance for Ghanaians.

Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana