Ghana's main opposition leader slams 'sickening' SA xenophobic attacks

Ghana’s main opposition leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has condemned rekindled xenophobic killing of innocent African foreigners in South.

A Ghanaian, Emmanuel Kwesi Quaison has been killed in Durban by local gangs as xenophobic attacks in the country intensify.
Details of how he was killed are yet to be confirmed but the attacks have sent several African nationals living in that country into hiding. His killing brings to six, the number of Africans killed in two weeks for earning a living in foreign territory.

Rising unemployment amongst black South Africans is fuelling animosity against other African nationals living in the relatively prosperous multi-racial country.

In Johannesburg on Thursday, police fired tear gas at a crowd chanting anti-immigrant slogans after attacks on foreign-owned shops. Dozens of migrants sought refuge in a police station, the BBC has reported.

South Africa’s xenophobic culture got worldwide condemnation in 2008 when at least 62 foreign nationals lost their lives.
The leader of the opposition New Patriotic Party in a statement described the attacks as “sickening”.

“Over the past few days, I have learnt with utmost shock about the sickening and despicable acts of appalling brutality being perpetrated by local mobs in some parts of South Africa against immigrants, mainly black Africans and their businesses.

“I condemn in the strongest terms these acts of persecution, which have so far, according to reports, claimed the lives of at least six people, including a 14-year old boy. There are also unconfirmed reports of a Ghanaian being among the dead. We expect Ghana’s mission in South Africa to be a lot more helpful with the flow of information for Ghanaians worried about the fate of our compatriots in South Africa”.

“I extend my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all those killed in these unacceptable attacks. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the displaced”.

“I know at firsthand the extraordinary warmth and decency of the people of South Africa, the vast majority of whom are against acts that seek to violate the right to life of others. To this end, I respectfully urge President Jacob Zuma to do all in his power to ensure that these attacks end, as well as bring to book all persons responsible for this wave of violence”.

“President Mahama, through Ghana’s High Commission in South Africa, must come to the aid of all Ghanaians who are in need of help” the statement concluded.




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