Ghana’s economy suffered just as others; commend Akufo-Addo for bringing investors – NPP MP

President Akufo-Addo,

Member of Parliament for Anyaa-Sowutuom, Dr Dickson Adomako Kissi has said Ghana is not the only country having troubles with its economy.

He said the challenges are global as a result of the outbreak of the Covid pandemic.

Dr Kissi was reacting to a claim by Deputy National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Edem Agbana who said on the New Day Show with Johnnie Hughes on TV3 Tuesday April 5 that the challenges facing the country currently cannot be blamed on Covid.

In Agbana’s view, the country is struggling due to the incompetence of the Akufo-Addo administration in managing the economy.

His comments come after President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said he does not know of any economy around the world that is doing well in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr Akufo-Addo said economies around the world are all struggling due to these two main factors.

Speaking in an interview with BBC’s Peter Okwoche on Monday, April 4, he said “we have also the opportunity to have industries set up not just for Ghana [but also] for the ECOWAS market and also for the African market.

“We now have an African Continental Free Trade Area agreement which is up and operating. Ghana is the gateway to its market of 1.2billion people. Imagine the opportunities that we are presenting.”

He added “I don’t know the economy in the world that is doing well.

“The Cedi has begun to firm up. The world is going through a difficult [moment], Ghana is no exception, Nigeria is no exception. There is no country in the world that is escaping the ravages of Covid-19 and also the impact of the [Russia-Ukraine conflict].”

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He added, “In Ghana, the recovery programme that we have is considered very credible and it is what is going to give us the opportunity to come out of this period stronger, it is that future we are looking at.”

Mr Agbana reacted to the President’s comment saying “we have a leadership that is refusing to accept that it is because of their incompetence and mismanagement of the economy that is why we are where we are today.

“Assuming without admitting that indeed, all the countries the economy is not doing well, why must we be part of the worst performing?

“Did Covid not hit Togo, Benin? If the economy was resilient as they wanted us to believe, we will not have been here today.”

But in response, Dr Kissi said “we haven’t mismanaged the economy. Tourism for instance, has gone down, just like worldwide [but] it is picking up and we need to commend the president for pushing more people to come and invest in the country.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana


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