Get off the emotional seesaw! 10 signs your crush likes you

Spend hours wondering if your crush likes you or not? You can stop that now! We laid out 10 signs your crush likes you, so kiss the uncertainty goodbye. To all who say, “It’s easy figuring men out,” they have obviously never had a problem with them. Well, good thing I dedicated my entire youth to trying to figure out the male species and the signs they give away. Like many other women, I spend countless hours replaying conversations, figuring out the signs your crush likes you, or checking my phone for incoming texts. Then picking apart every encounter I ever had with the guy I like. He squeezed me when he hugged me. He did smile after I made that joke. He said that he’ll see me around some time. Good signs, right? The struggles of having a crush and deciphering the signs your crush likes you We’ve all been there. It’s a nightmare; however, at the same time, we love trying to figure out the signs and signals. But, in hopes of saving the energy of the future generations of women *and men*, here are 10 signs your crush likes you. #1 If they want it, they’ll go get it. If a man wants you, they’ll go after you. Let me say it again because this is very important—if a guy wants you, they’ll go after you. I liked this one guy, and we hung out all the time. But he never made a move. I spent days, months—almost years—trying to figure out what was going on in his head. Sure, he liked me, but not enough to pursue me. If he really liked me, he’d have pursued me. While hard to accept and stinging to the ego once you accept this fact, you refocus your attention onto others.

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#2 They’re attentive. Has someone messaged you and you take a couple of hours or even days to reply? Probably because you’re not interested in them. Even on a basic friendship level. When you’re interested in someone, you reply to them. A couple of different guys showed interested in me, and I simply ignored the message or forgot about it entirely. Aside from that being an asshole move on my part, it’s a prime example of someone who doesn’t care. So, if you text your crush, and they reply to you quickly or call you back—this is a great sign. It not only shows that they’re interested in you, but they also respect you and the relationship you two have. If your crush doesn’t even have the decency to call/text you back in an appropriate time frame, they’re not worth your time. #3 Finds reasons to be around you. Once a guy came with me to pay my health insurance. Yeah, they really have to like you to endure that mind numbing process. When someone likes you, they find almost any reason to be around you. Maybe they come to your volleyball game, go shopping with you, or watch a chick flick. The things people do for love! Point is, they just want to be around you and surrounded by your energy. If you want to see if they’re interested in you, say you need someone to go with you somewhere dull, and see if they offer. #4 Try to make you laugh. This is crucial. If they try to make you laugh, they want to make you happy. Anyone who wants to make you happy cares about you as a person. Though this also depends on the personality, they may have a dry or shy personality. Nevertheless, if your crush tries to make you laugh—they dig you.
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#5 Your crush tries to touch you. If they go straight for your crotch, it can’t get any clearer than that. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Do they touch your arm when they talk to you? Try to hug you or wrap their arms around your waist? Touch brings people closer together because it is intimate. I never touch people I’m not interested in, because it gives the wrong signal. I also don’t feel the need to touch them. So, if your crush touches you, they’re interested in you. #6 Compliments you. If your crush compliments you on your appearance, that’s a clear sign they’re interested in you. Compliments show they pay attention to you and how you look. If they compliment you on your new haircut, they pay attention to you and your body. If they didn’t like you, they wouldn’t notice. Now, if your crush is a good friend, they may compliment you for different reasons and not because they have a crush on you. #7 Asks to spend time with you. Okay, if you read this point after your crush asked you twenty times to hang out, then I’m not sure where to go from here. Wake up, girl! If someone is asking to hang out with you, they obviously are interested in you. No one spends their time with people who they’re not interested in. It’s counterproductive! If they haven’t touched or kissed you during your time spent together, perhaps they’re just shy. So, you can either be patient and wait it out, or you can take charge and break that barrier for them. I recommend the latter. If I have to hang out with my crush day-after-day in a sexually frustrated state, I spontaneously combust.
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#8 Is interested in getting to know you. Do they want to know about your favorite movies? Interested in where you went to high school? Do they ask how many siblings you have *this may be more of a personal security question*? Yeah, trust me, listening about someone’s second grade animal cracker eating experience is daunting when you’re not interested in the slightest physical contact. So, if someone sits through your “I remember” stories, then they’re in it for the long-run. #9 They remember the small stuff. If they remember you don’t eat the purple smarties or that you like two teaspoons sugar in your tea—that’s something. These small details many people don’t remember unless they care about you. This isn’t so much about them liking as it is about them caring about you. Caring remains an essential part of forming a genuine and honest relationship. #10 Wants to meet your friends. No one wants to meet your friends. The small-talk, the judging stares, who wants to sit through that? If your crush does, they must really like you. Like, really like you. I remember meeting my ex-boyfriend’s friends and walking up to a table of men all staring at me. Of course, this is the initiation, this moment where you face being approved or disapproved. So, anyone who willingly puts themselves into that position is interested in more than just friendship. If not, they love adrenaline, a challenge, and possibly reenacting Dexter. Now that you know the signs, you probably have an idea of whether or not your crush is interested in you. Don’t freak out if they don’t follow any of these signs. However, if your crush displays these signs, then relax and just enjoy the ride.]]>