Fulani menace: Fanteakwa district tightens security

The District Chief Executive of Fanteakwa, Mr Abass Fuseini, has assured residents that the authorities have secured all the available borders to prevent the problematic Fulani herdsmen from entering the community.

Speaking in an interview with ONUA NEWS, Mr Fuseini said all strategies employed by the assembly to reach a compromise with the Fulanis to ensure peace and tranquility in the area have proven futile.

His assurance comes in the wake of reports that the Fulani herdsmen are employing ways to relocate from Agogo to Fanteakwa.

Mr Fuseini observed that the herdsmen are using the forests to transport their cattle to Fanteakwa instead of the roads to avoid been seen and apprehended.

He expressed worry over the presence of the nomads in the region, accusing them for the increase in armed robbery cases in the community and its environs.

By ONUA NEWS/3news.com

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