Fresh gunfire erupts in Bunkpurugu, one house destroyed

Fresh sporadic gunfire has erupted in Bunkpurugu in the Northern Region where two families clashed Sunday night over a renewed chieftaincy dispute that left one person injured and houses destroyed, our sources claim.

TV3 sources in the town say the the Jamong family, which is claiming title to the Bunkpurugu Skin, has come under attack from the ruling Jafok family.

The Police is yet to confirm the Monday morning attack.

“Right now, the chief and the [Jafok] family have gone to look for allies and they have positioned themselves. They have surrounded the Jamong family in the middle and have been firing into the town,” a source within the town told TV3 on condition of anonymity.

“A house which is 50 metres from the Bunkpurugu Police Station has been burnt. I don’t think the Jamong family is safe to live in Bunkpurugu now,” the source claim. The fresh incident started few minutes after 8:00 AM Monday but the security forces on the ground, our sources say,  have failed to intervene.

According to the sources, the people are not residents of the town as they are speaking Hausa, noting “they have pinned the Jamongs in the middle.They have taken positions around Nanyong, Pengtiok, Nanya, Daamong, and they are shooting into the town”.

The Police, our sources allege, have been protecting the Jafok family as they have gone to surround the Chief Palace leaving the Jamongs without any protection

The Jamongs family, which is claiming title to the Bunkpurugu Skin, has been questioning the legitimacy of the ruling Jafoks family over the years. The dead, Kennedy Moajin and Bitian Piibak, both 22 years, were from the Jamongs family.

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Calm was, however restored to the area, and both the Police and the military were sent to prevent any further clashes between the two families. But the latest incident appear to have render the effort of the security forces ineffective

Two people were killed and properties destroyed last year when similar clashes broke out in the area but calm was restored after a 15-hour curfew.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana