Farmer prosecutes constant threat to shoot wife dead

A 60-year-old farmer, Adam Natomah, is alleged to have shot his wife to death at Jinfrono in the North Gonja District of the Northern Region in the early hours of Sunday. Adam Nantomah is also alleged to have shot himself in the neck after committing the crime. His wife, confirmed dead on arrival at the hospital, has since been buried in accordance with Islamic customs. Meanwhile, Adam Nantomah is currently battling for his life after being taken to the West  Gonja District Hospital. The husband of the deceased is said to be diagnosed of mental instability. He is said to have requested to work on the gun, which has been in the custody of his son Adam Ibrahim, 34, for sometime. Ibrahim had seized the gun from his father, following the latter’s threat to kill his wife with it. An eyewitness shared his account with via telephone. Adam Mohammed said Adam Nantomah has been behaving abnormal over a year now and issuing threats to the wife and even his children that he will kill them. Adam further explained, “One of the children of the victim seized the gun from the father and kept it in his possession until the father requested to work on it”. “He took the gun, loaded it with bullets at the blind side of his son and timed the wife who had gathered his clothes including hers and was washing. He fired the wife in the ribs without any provocation.” Neighbours after hearing the gunshots came into their house only to meet Salamatu Nantomah, 43, fighting for her life. “Adams shot his wife and quickly reloaded the gun, pointed it to his own neck and fired, falling in the process but was rushed to the West Gonja Hospital in Damongo with the body of his wife by a police patrol team [but]  the woman was pronounced dead by the hospital staff on duty.” Information gathered from the West Gonja Hospital has it that Adams Nantomah has been referred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for further medical examination. His single barrel locally manufactured gun has been retrieved by the police.

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By Christopher Amoako||Ghana]]>