Embrace STEM education to harness innovation & creativity – EDUPA to Ghanaians

Model of the Accra STEM Academy

Education think-tank Education Policy Institute, Africa (EDUPA) has urged Ghanaians to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in order to precipitate development.

According to EDUPA, if solutions are to be found to the socio-economic challenges confronting Africa, “there is the need to encourage young Africans especially Ghanaians to pursue STEM education”.

This was contained in a statement issued by Executive Secretary Mark Ewusi Arkoh on Friday, March 31.

Find the statement below:

African Development Bank’s finding through its Keen interest in education shows that less than 25% of Africans after attaining higher education pursue STEM related career fields. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, often trumpeted as STEM promises very meaningful opportunities for students yet has few students actually enrol or ply that path.

It potentially means regardless of Africa’s Talent pool,private and public institutions would have to source workers with skills in those fields from outside the continent consequently leading to a limited DOMESTIC STEM WORKFORCE.

Free uniforms for pupils of Kanda Basic School

EDUPA’s research suggests if we were to find solutions to socio-economic challenges confronting Africa, there is the need to encourage young Africans especially Ghanaians to pursue STEM education.

Integrated Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is key as it tailored to professional development needs of students through innovative instructional ideas and best practices.

EDUPA posits that STEM education when made a priority, encouraged and finally embraced will equip not only students but generations yet to come the necessary skills to thrive in the competitive global world.


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