Duck Butter Alert: 5 ways to get rid of smelly balls

Get rid of duck better

Do you have a weird smell emitting from your groin area? We all know crotches don’t smell like rainbows and flowers, but shouldn’t smell like garbage too.

In the 1930s, duck Butter was slang for semen and then smegma in the 1950s. Duck butter is the thick sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin. It is usually caused by pooled sweat beneath the scrotum. Exercise, hot temperatures, and excessive sweating are sources of that quacky lather.

Although it is natural to have your groin smell awful, from time to time. The permanent smell is unhealthy and could affect your social life. Try these few tips to ward off any gag-worthy smell.

Use Powder

Use Talcum powder on balls

Moist balls could equal smelly balls. Excessive sweating and not properly drying yourself could lead to a pool of liquids in your crotch area. A light dusting of talcum powder would do soak up all that excess and make it

Regularly change your underwear.

Change your underwear

Change your briefs at least once a day. Do not repeat used underwear the next day. These had soaked up dirt, sweat and germs from the previous day. Wear freshly wash and iron underwear to avoid nasty odours and infections.


Shave your genitals

Pubic hairs are known to trap moisture which could lead to a heavy load of duck butter. Instead, a regular shave would keep your groin area nice and airy.

Cotton briefs

Wear cotton briefs

Cotton briefs would soak up excess moisture from your genital area. The material also allows air to prevent a stuffy arid atmosphere down there.

Dry thoroughly after a bath

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Dry thoroughly after bath

You might be in a rush to neglect other areas but do not forget t properly towel your groin area. Use a dry towel/washcloth and bab any moisture after bathing.

Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghanay