Don’t be intimidated by rejection – Dzigbordi Dosoo encourages

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Globally experienced Certified High-Performance Coach and Human Skills expert, Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dosoo has encouraged young people not to be intimidated when people perceive their plans as unattainable and are rejected.

Speaking at the maiden edition of Berla Mundi’s B.You Conference in June this year, the Human skills Expert reiterated that rejection may be recurrent , however, that should not be justification to stop working towards achieving lifetime goals and objectives.

“Don’t be intimidated when people shut your idea down. If the person means well, they will explain to you.”

She stated that, “You are going to face rejection, pain, betrayal, dishonesty, and if you are unable to manage them, they will limit you from going far in life and achieving your goals.”

The Human Skills Expert explained that most people will reject one’s idea especially when the plans involved looks colossal and seems impossible.

She advised that one should always seek clarity and seek reasons when their plans are rejected and not considered. This, she recommended, should be applied to trustworthy Individuals who have rejected one’s plans or ideas.

Dzigbordi also advised participants to take some time to process their emotions, and practice affirmatory statements in order to cope with rejection in a better way.

“When you need to speak to someone on your plans, you reach out to them. Most people will reject your idea because they presume you gave their idea and they don’t have an idea they can give you. If you trust the person, ask them why they rejected your idea.”

“Don’t let rejection stop you from achieving the plans you have. Pursue them with everything you have.”

The Human Skills Expert added that it is vital to psyche one’s mind to rejection to prevent being taken by surprise when it happens on the spur of the moment.

Speaking on building human skills, the Human Skills Expert said it is imperative to improve one’s human skills because they basically help in handling and solving problems.

She stated that it is important individuals build their skills by talking to others about their needs and what they want to hear, investing in learning to enhance communication skills, identifying one’s personal core values, remaining true to ones’ authentic self and building confidence.

She further stated that individuals should possess good Communication skills, great appearance, emotional intelligence and resilience to make stronger connections and enhance networking.

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana

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