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Create unit under CID to go after ‘fake pastors, churches’– lawyer

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Private legal practitioner Amanda Clinton has warned against attempts by the State to legislate the activities of ‘fake’ pastors and their churches who critics say, have been manipulating and abusing their congregants.

In the view of the lawyer, enacting a law on churches and self-styled ‘Men of God’ will be “an overkill,” indicating the problem is not peculiar to Christendom, but all other religion in the country.

“This is a national issue that involves every type of religion and practical solutions are required not just needless legislation,” she stated on Kaptured by Women on TV3.

Activities of some churches and self-styled pastors took centre stage in parliamentary debate last week with some legislators pushing for a law to check the misdeeds of these charlatans operating as pastors.

While some MPs are in support of the calls for a law on churches, others are cautioning their colleagues to hasten slowly.

For Ms Clinton said inasmuch as the parliamentarians’ action “are well-intended,” legislation is not the best approach to tackling the issue.

She stated the best approach to dealing with this canker will be the creation of a subdivision within the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) of the Ghana Police to receive complaints relating to the misdeeds of all religious leaders and their organisations.

Amanda Clinton

Such a subdivision, she said, will identify the seriousness of spiritual organization and practitioners’ abuse as may be reported through tip line and email box dedicated to receiving such complaints.

“Not every action would be investigated but those that involve abuse of life, finances etc. of a particular or serious nature would be treated as a lead and followed through,” she explained.

Ms Clinton said the proposed system will ensure “more transparency”.


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