Covid-19: W/R Police headquarters disinfected

Western Region Manager of waste management company Zoomlion Alhaji Abdullah is imploring the general public to continue to observe all protocols associated with the coronavirus even though there is an ongoing disinfection of public places across the country.

“Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t say that because my workplace has been disinfected, I am immune. You have to continue to keep yourself safe by observing all the protocols. That way you can be assured that you will be safe from the virus,” he stressed.

The regional manager was speaking to journalists at the Western Region headquarters of the Ghana Police Service at the commencement of a disinfection exercise of all installations of the Western Regional Command.

The disinfection is taking place simultaneously across all 14 assemblies in the Region.

In all, 54 main stations of the Ghana Police Service will be disinfected. Each station will be sprayed by 20 sprayers.

For each station, cells, offices, residencies and other installations will be disinfected.

Alhaji Abdullah said the main aim of the exercise is to help prevent personnel of the Ghana Police Service from contracting the virus.

“We have done this spraying before. We started with the markets, basic schools and tertiary institutions. We are here again at the police stations. With the chemical we are using which is a chlorine solution, it is very effective against viruses and germs. So wherever there are viruses and germs they will die. So, if we are able to kill the germs and viruses here, it means the place is safe and therefore people can come or operate in a safer environment.”

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He added: “This place is where a lot of people come. So, there is a high possibility that someone unknowingly may come here carrying the virus. It can also be the case that someone here unknowingly will have it. Whatever the case is, the disinfection will help break the possibility of someone contracting the virus. But the disinfection does not mean we should relent in our efforts in protecting ourselves. We should continue to wear our nose masks, apply our hand sanitizers and wash our hands.”

Western Region Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Police Service DSP Olivia Ewurama Adiku in an interview said the disinfection is very essential to the Service.

According to her, the work of the Service exposes officers to people from all walks of life and makes them vulnerable, therefore the disinfection has come in handy.

“We are grateful to Zoomlion for the consistency in its efforts to help curb the coronavirus. This will be the third time they have come here to disinfect our facilities. They know that we are among the most vulnerable group of workers when it comes to the Covid-19 due to the nature of our work. We on a daily bases interface with the public. We arrest, detain and send people to court. So, it means that we have to be very careful as it is easy for us to contract the virus. So, we are very delighted with the disinfection”.

That notwithstanding, DSP Adiku said the Service will also continue to observe protocols they have instituted, internally, to protect the men and women of the service.

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By Eric Yaw Adjei||Ghana



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