Ellembelle: Women trained in skills dev’t


The Member of Parliament for Ellembelle in the Western Region, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, has hinted of an ambitious plan to roll out a skills development and entrepreneurial training programme targeting over 2,000 youths in his constituency.

The training programme, which will be a collaboration with the business community in Ellembelle, will draw modules from a feedback out of a baseline survey from the youth on their preferred skills training programme.

“I was talking to the MD of Adamus Resources that in the coming months, I will be engaging all stakeholders here for us to birth another skills and entrepreneurial training programme… If you want to be a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber, an air condition repairer, any other apprenticeship, there will be a module for you.”

The Member of Parliament draws motivation for the programme from “a worrying report from the CDD”.

“The report says the unemployment rate in Ghana is a national security issue and as has been said one of the guarantees to enable us address unemployment has to do with entrepreneurial development and I’m committed to supporting any initiative in that regard.”

Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah was speaking at the graduation ceremony of a skills development programme – Women Employment – organised by Adamus Resources Limited.

The three-month training programme, facilitated by CBAE, aimed at empowering women while developing their entrepreneurial skills for their financial independence.

In all, 87 out of a selected number of 100 women from various communities nestling around the operations of Adamus Resources Limited graduated from four different skills acquisition programmes.

The programme included Make-up Artistry, Product Formulation, Hair Technology, Millinery and Accessories.

Chief Executive Officer of Adamus Resources Limited Angela List said the programme is borne out of the company’s determination to leave behind a positive footprint in its operational environment.

She was inspired by the sheer dedication that the beneficiaries exhibited during the training period and pledged continued support.

Angela List told the beneficiaries: “Your journey as entrepreneurs will throw more challenges and the months of sacrifice and dedication will come to bear again. The only lesson I will add is the importance of resilience and excellence. Aspiring to produce excellent products and providing exceptional customer service will keep you in business.”

Western Region Minster Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah was particularly elated that the programme targeted women.

“Over the years and even in politics, we tend to concentrate on men, we do same when it comes to economic activities and in technical areas. So I’m happy that this programme focussed on women. What you have done is to ensure that the other 50 percent of our talent as a nation are going to be self employed.”

He encouraged Adamus Resources Limited to hire a sales and marketing consultant to help ensure continuity and to see to it that products that will be produced get market.

District Chief Executive Kwasi Bonzo also hinted of discussions with Adamus Resources Limited to open a factory to help the beneficiaries better hone their skills and to become more productive, stressing: “We have searched for a land for the initiative and very soon you will see action on that”.

Already, Adamus Resources Limited has secured contracts for some of the beneficiaries with some companies in the hospitality industry in Ellembelle.

The company will also be their key customer.