Bryan Acheampong bans consumption of animals found dead in Binduri, U/E

Agric Minister Bryan Acheampong

The of Food and , , has announced measures to forestall the spread of Anthrax in .

This follows the confirmation of one case in Binduri in the Region.

Authorities, however, fear there could be high cases of widespread infections if frantic measures are not taken.

“To forestall the spread of the disease, the Ministry [of Food and Agriculture] is announcing the following measures for public safety:

“Restricting the movement of animals within, into and out of the Binduri district.

“Mass of animals in the affected areas.

“Ban on the consumption of animals found from the affected areas,” a statement issued by Mr Acheampong said.

“The public is further advised to observe vigilance, purchase meat from only certified abattoirs and promptly report animal deaths to the nearest veterinary unit or facility in the affected area.”

It assured the public that it is taking “all necessary steps to contain the disease”.

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5 months ago

Government should take argent measures to vaccinate all animals within Bawku,Binduri,Pusiga,Garu, Tempane to prevent the spread of the disease, because we don’t know where it came from.Now that the forieners has over entered the area.