Blame the rich in society for increased social vices – philanthropist

A philanthropist, Mr. Victor Gadri, has attributed the increasing social vices among the youth to the failure of the rich in the country to help bridge the gap between them and the poor.

He expressed worry about the increasing rate of robbery, prostitution, fraud, contract killing and other social vices mainly influenced by poverty.

Mr. Victor Gadri, who is the C.E.O of Gadriator Group of Companies, said Ghana is blessed with a lot of football stars and successful businesses tycoons, who can boast of several millions of dollars in their accounts, but have denied the less privileged a square meal.

In Ghana today, business men exchanged employment with sex, even pastors are only interested in the offering without caring about the wellbeing of their members, even widows.

If each of these football stars, should adopt one of the ten regions in Ghana, support the less privileged with $100,000 annually in skill training, like they spend on compensation to women and big cars, things like robbery and other social vices will drastically reduce and Ghana would be a better place to live.

He warned against replication of China revolution in Ghana, where the poor will rise against the rich for their wealth, if the wide gap between the poor and the rich is not broken.

Mr. Gadri made the assertion, at a program he organized, at Wassa Agona in the Western region to donate GCH 100,000 wealth of items to five hundred blind, cripple, widows, physically challenged  and other less privileged in society.

The items included wheel chairs, cloths, and food items in addition to an unspecified amount of money for their upkeep.

He also requested from opinion leaders in the area to provide him with a list of less privileged and unemployed youths to be sponsored to undertake apprenticeship at where they prefer.

Let us not depend on government for everything, let bridge the poverty gap, he appealed.

By Kwame Kakarba |Onua 95.1FM|

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