Bimbilla regent blames police for recent conflict & killings

Some of the 10 dead bodies after the shoot-out

The Secretary of the regent of Bimbilla, Alhassan Sualisu has blamed the security for the killings in Bimbilla.

He said after informing the police of the enskinment of the warrior chiefs, the police provided security to facilitate it and said traditionally, the enskinment takes place in the evening but upon the advice of the police and the BNI, the event was scheduled in the afternoon which they complied with.

Speaking to from Bimbilla, he said all the seven eskined chiefs got back to their respective villages without any problem but the security in Bimbilla informed the regent that some people threatened to disrupt the enskinment and wondered why the police did not apprehend those people.

He said they heard gunshots in some areas in Bimbilla which to the regent was not in any way connected to the enskinment which already took place “some hours ago”.

Mr. Sualisu blamed the security adding that they provided adequate security for the enskinment of the warrior chiefs.

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He added that those eskined were lesser chiefs who are musketeers because the funeral rites of the warrior senior chiefs have been performed and no enskinment can take place for any senior warriors without their funerals performed.



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