All of my jewellery is pure gold and they cost over a billion cedis – Oseikrom Sikanii debunks claims that his jewelry is fake


-based, Ghanaian musician Oseikrom Sikanii has rebuffed the assertion that he wears counterfeit jewellery to give off a sense of opulence.

Born, Ransford Brefo, the rapper and singer found himself defending the authenticity of his prized jewellery collection in his latest interview with Deloris on The Delay Show.

According to the ‘Chuchu'singer, he purchased his jewellery comprising of Grillz and a Rolex watch for a hefty sum of GHC10,000 and $10,500, respectively.

“I am wearing gold on my teeth. It is pure gold, the karat was 18 when I bought it. Over 10,000 ,” he told

Standing firm in asserting the genuineness of his luxurious accessories, he also revealed that his name Oseikrom Sikanii is a testament to his wealth.

“If you take a look at me I'm a rich man. I'm rich because if you don't have you can't do what I do. There are things I do are for the wealthy,” he indicated.

In the world of hip-hop and luxury , jewellery has always been a symbol of status and opulence, it's therefore not shocking that the viral singer who came to the limelight in 2020 has carved a niche for himself with these items.

“I'm wearing kente, not Ankara. come and feel it. It's Fathia Fata Nkrumah woven kente, not any cheap fabric,” he submitted.

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Emphasizing the significant investment he has made in jewellery, he also revealed that his Rolex timepiece and necklace were purchased for thousands of dollars.

“I'm wearing pure gold as my necklace. My Rolex was purchased to the tune of 10,500 dollars which is more than a billion Ghana cedis and some of these things I bought before 2020,” he bragged.


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