600 women to benefit from shea butter facility in Northern region

The United States Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie Sullivan has inaugurated a shea butter facility and warehouse for the Tiyumtaba Women’s Cooperative at Sorogu in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region.

The facility is part of efforts by the United States government to expand economic opportunities for women.
Shea, is a primary source of livelihood for women living in Northern Ghana.
It is one of the few agricultural cash crops where women control their revenue.
The facility is made up of a kneading shed, machine room, packaging room among others.
It is expected to increase incomes for over 600 Ghanaian women in the collection and processing of shea nuts.
Speaking at the opening of the shea processing and warehouse facility, Ambassador Sullivan applauded the efforts of the project partners.
She added, the facility will provide the space needed to safely store and process nuts while creating a one stop market space for direct sales.
“USAID is working with the Global Shea Alliance, Communities, other Non Profit Organizations and has provided 250 warehouses generating increased incomes for more than 137,000 wen across West Africa”.
Ambassador Sullivan called on members of the community to protect the shea trees and parklands to secure sustainability of the shea industry.
The Managing Director of the Global Shea Alliance Aaron Adu assured the women of ready market for the processed Shea butter.
“The GSA as part of efforts to preserve the parklands, will mobilize over one million women to plant about 10 million shea trees”
The leader of Tiyumtaba women’s cooperation, Mary Naab Alhassan said the facility will help them rake in more revenue.
“This new facility is a blessing to us and our families because more people will be engaged and more revenue will be generated”.
The West African Regional Mission of the United States Agency for International Development  seeks to promote social and economic wellbeing advanced by West Africans.
The United States Agency for International Development and its partners since 2016 have provided 250 warehouses that has generally increased incomes for over 137,000women across West Africa.
By Zubaida Mabuno Ismail | 3news.com | Ghana