Zuma seeks public donations for his legal fight

FILE PHOTO: Former South Africa President Jacob Zuma REUTERS/Rogan Ward/File Photo

Former South African President Jacob Zuma is asking the public to donate funds to support his legal battles – he is facing trial for corruption linked to a $5bn (£3bn) arms deal.

A post on his foundation’s official Twitter page asks South Africans and the world to “lend a helping hand” to cover legal fees.

The post includes bank account details in the name of JG Zuma:

Zuma has been serving a 15-month sentence since July for contempt of court for failing to appear at a separate inquiry into corruption.

He was admitted to hospital earlier this month, delaying the start of the arms deal trial where he faces multiple charges, including fraud and racketeering.

He has pleaded not guilty, saying the trial is politically motivated.

Source: BBC

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