Zoomlion begins nationwide mapping of mosquito breeding sites

The Vector Control Unit of Zoomlion Ghana limited has begun a nationwide mapping of various mosquito breeding sites to identify mosquito larvae and kill them by applying a biological agent.

The mapping of the mosquito breeding sites across the country is being done with the use of a smart devices aided by software application to digitally record the GPS coordinates of specific mosquito breeding sites for onward application of biolarvicide to kill the mosquitoes.

The mosquito control exercise which is being executed by the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) of the Ministry of Health in partnership with Zoomlion Ghana Limited, seeks to reduce mosquito population.

Mosquito has been identified as one of the deadliest diseases vectors with the ability to transmit and spread dangerous diseases to humans causing millions of deaths every year.


Programme Manager of NMCP, Dr. Keziah Malm, has toured some districts in the Eastern and Central regions to inspect the progress of work.

She interacted with the spraying gangs and their team leaders, who prior to the exercise underwent intensive training identifying mosquito larvae and killing them.

She also met with some of the Environmental Health Officers in the districts and discussed environmental sanitation management approach to the exercise to help educate community members on good sanitary practices with the view to minimizing breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Dr Malm bemoaned some human activities that contribute to mosquito breeding sites and urged the public to desist from activities that create ditches for water to collect which subsequently become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

The Programme Manager meanwhile expressed excitement about the scientific ways being deployed by the stakeholders to scientifically map mosquito breeding sites.

This, she said, will help generate data to measure the progress of work.

She said considering the multifaceted approach being executed towards reducing mosquito population such as the in-door residual spraying, the use of long lasting insecticide nets and the larviciding exercise across the country, mosquito and its causal diseases will reduce.

A medical Entomologist with the NMCP, Madam Otubea Owusu Akrofi touted the larviciding exercise.

She said the electronic means of mapping the mosquito breeding sites will help generate a map of the country indicating various points of mosquito breeding sites for planning to execute effective larval source management.

Eastern Regional Malaria Control Coordinator, Mr. Prosper Kwasi Agbagba, who joined the team, expressed his satisfaction at the progress of work which he attributed to the intense scientific training being held for all stakeholders in the malaria control activity.

He was optimistic that the mosquito population and malaria cases in the eastern region will drastically reduce.

Head of the Vector Control Unit of Zoomlion, Rev. Ebenezer Kwame Addae, touted the success of the mapping exercise and the use of technology to identify mosquito breeding sites, saying it will “help effectively target mosquito larvae and kill them before they develop into adult mosquitoes”.

He said the exercise is currently ongoing across all the districts in the 16 regions of the country.


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