Youth committing most suicides in Ghana – Psychologist

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A Psychologist and Lecturer at the African University College of Communication (AUCC), Dr Raymond Coleman, has revealed that suicide statistics in Ghana show that adolescents and the youth between ages 15 and 25 are mostly committing the act lately.

Speaking on the 3FM’s Sunrise show on Thursday, September 10, as part of the World Suicide Prevention Day, he explained that emotional negligence and cases of rape account for most suicidal cases among the youths and adolescents.

He said: “Because the youths tend to be closer to their peers and when they go there for some kind of help, they don’t get what they want and they are not able to open up and talk to their parents, that accounts for them attempting to take their life.”

He indicated that in the case of rape, only the legal part is handled and the mental part is left for the victim to deal with.

“The aspects of mentally treating rape victims are always neglected and they always try to look at the legal issue and try to prosecute the perpetrators and leave the victim to deal with the emotional distress.”

Reacting to how men go through these challenges of sexual abuse and harassment, he stated: “In the case of men, it’s very difficult because of the perception of men, if you don’t take care that itself can affect them more.

“Cultural values trying to place more values on men that men are supposed to be strong, overpower and overcome anyone who tries to attack them and therefore reporting on such ordeal is a sign of weakness.

“So, a lot of men don’t report it and go through that experience alone and that can affect them.”

He advised clinical psychologists and family members to seek proper professional help for victims to be stronger and be able to head for the future.

By Kaziah Owusu Afram||Ghana

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