Youth cautions against attempt to create new seal for Osu

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The youth of Osu have raised concerns against attempts by some people to introduce what they claim is a new seal of Osu.

They said their checks with the official Kingmakers of Osu and representatives of the Osu Stool indicates that this seal is unauthorized and is being promoted by people who have no authority or mandate whatsoever to act in such a manner.

“We are aware that reports have been made to the CID of the Ghana Police Service that these acts by these people are unauthorized and have the potential of creating confusion in Osu.

“We have concerns about the commitment of the police in this matter and wish to state that such activities have the potential to create unnecessary tension and confusion in Osu and may have security implications if allowed to fester.

“The Seal of the Osu Stool is very important traditional symbol with spiritual relevance and no individual or group with no authorized mandate can arrogate themselves the authority and power to change the Seal of Osu.

“We wish to advise those persons behind this unauthorized act to cease immediately or face the full wrath of the youth of Osu. While we will not endorse any acts of violence, we wish to urge the Police to act in a manner that will avert any potential tension and confusion in Osu as these issues are very sensitive and can degenerate into potentially disruptive protests, confusion and social disharmony in Osu,” a statement they issued said on Tuesday June 21.


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