You’re illiterate if you blame gov’t for fuel prices – Mr Logic

You're illiterate if you blame gov’t for fuel prices – Mr Logic
Mr Logic

Mr Logic has argued that the hike in fuel prices is not the president’s fault. And anyone who thinks that the government is at blame is an illiterate who doesn’t read nor research.

In his submission on HitzFM, Mr Logic explained why Ghanaians should be angry at the system and not a particular government. According to Mr Logic, western countries are experiencing similar inflation in prices. But unlike Africa, their economic system has made it less stressful on its citizens.

He said, “Now those who are complaining, all these people are illiterate people. People who don’t read and research. They are illiterate. If Europe is buying one gallon for €11. The only difference between Europe and Ghana is they have a double shift system. Where you can do about two or three jobs. And we have Single-spine. That’s our biggest problem. That’s why I don’t understand why the government cannot see that single-spine does not help Africa.”

Mr Logic further explained the demerits of the Single-spine system, which has caused most of Ghana’s economic problems. He reiterated that he will blame the government for making it difficult for people to move freely in the employment sphere. But he won’t hang the fuel increment on their necks.

“Single-spine system is the biggest problem. The moment we are able to change or move away from single-spine and start to implement a double shift system where you can work 3 hours/4 hours and move on to the next job, nobody will complain about some of these developments.

“At the end of the month, you put your money together, you have about 15k because you are working 3/2 jobs. But now, you have confined the people to a single spine system. You have locked the people. That is the only smart system the Europeans are running ahead of Africa. Tell me, how hard is it for African leaders to run a double shift system? I will blame the government for the outcry, but I will not blame them for the increment. The increment is normal, bro,” Mr Logic concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana


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