Your lovely wife is a woman – Sam George jabs Manasseh over gay support

Journalist Manasseh called out the Ningo-Prmpram MP, Sam George, to apologise for threatening the LGBT Community in Ghana. In response, Sam George reminded him that his wife is a woman.

According to Hon. Sam George, Manasseh Azure Awuni, who has been championing moral values like corruption, should be the last person supporting homosexuality, which is against our culture.
Speaking on Starr Chat, the MP referred to the LGBTQ+ as a mental disorder. He said God gave you one hole to enter. Sweet like honey. And there is another hole that is the sewage track. Then you say it is the exit that you want to enter. How can you say you are not mentally deranged?

He explained that homosexuality is not a human rights issue but a lifestyle chosen by people due to their pervasive preferences. During the conversation, Hon Sam George threaten to beat up the Australian High Commission if he continues to push the LGBTQ+ agenda in his constituency. He said, “I can beat him up if he decides not to behave like a human being because a diplomat has signed up to respect the laws of Ghana. The laws of Ghana do not allow you to do homosexuality.” He further went on to claim that the Australian ambassador does not know his identity. Who hopes to redeem his image with such activities in Ghana.

Manasseh reacting to this comment, asked the member of parliament to retract the statement. He wrote, “If the laws of Ghana do not allow homosexuality, those same laws don’t allow an MP to threaten to beat up a diplomat or insult them on live TV. Sam George, this is terrible. And it’s a disgrace to the people you represent. Apologise to them and the Australian High Commissioner.

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In response, Hon Sam Dzata George stood by his submission and refused to apologise to the Australian Ambassador or LGBTQ+ Community. He wrote, “You want me to apologise to who? For what? What law are you quoting that I have broken? I am not a stooge who is afraid of the white man. Tell your friend that I said if he is a diplomat, he should respect the laws of our country. Simple.

Although his previous submissions may suggest otherwise, Sam Goerge is against mob justice against the LGBTQ+ community and called for a jail sentence for anyone who tries to lynch them.

Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana