Your life will be miserable if you travel to France or Europe without qualification – Ambassador

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The French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Ave, says it is better to make a living in Ghana than travel outside the country to seek greener pastures.

In her opinion, she does not think there are greener pastures for anyone eager to travel to France or any European country.

“I don’t think there are greener pastures in France or Europe. Unless you have a job already or a company that will hire you because you have a specific skill that is required,” she disclosed on the 3FM Drive on Wednesday, July 20.

Madam Anne-Sophie said one could have a miserable life if they travel illegally to France with no skill, qualifications, or family living in the country.

“Going to France illegally like pretending to you’re a tourist and trying to immigrate is going to make your life miserable,” she said.

The diplomat confessed that although life may be difficult in Ghana, one may have friends and family they can run to for shelter or support but the same cannot be said in a foreign land.

By King Kwaku Mensa|Accra|Ghana

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