Young Professional & Youth Coalition to launch 10th anniversary June 5

Transformational leadership advocate Young Professional and Youth Coalition (YPYC) has announced that it will launch its 10th anniversary celebration on June 5, 2019 to commence series of events scheduled to commemorate its birth. About a decade ago, a Human Resource Practitioner and Leadership Consultant, Andy Okrah, who is concerned about the future of young people, founded YPYC as a human capital development non-governmental organization (NGO) in April, 2009 to focus on leadership and youth development. YPYC had its first meeting and seminar on June 3, 2009 at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra. It was well attended, according to the founder and president. He made the mission and the vision of the Network known to participants. Then YPYC further went on to launch its first flagship national youth conference and awards called Young Professionals Transformational Leadership Conference and Young Professional Role Model Awards now Transform Summit on October 13, 2009 at the Accra International Conference Centre. “Since then it has been running every year at the same venue and same period for free,” Mr Okrah said. With a vision to raise generational thinkers and transformational leaders to champion the building of a better society for mankind, YPYC started developing a large network of leading edge young professionals towards national development till it became one of the most reputable stakeholders in the leadership development space. “YPYC is happy to celebrate this 10 years of empowering the youth in Ghana and Africa at large. Our big achievement is all the numerous conferences, summits, seminars and other events are absolutely free for participants,” the former Deputy Minister of Ashanti Region said. “From the modest inception in 2009, our Transform Summit alone has directly impacted over 20,000 participants who have attended yearly conferences, monthly seminars, campus workshops; and, indirectly, several thousand through our audio-visuals, magazines and social media handles. It has provided many youth with tools to improve themselves educationally, advance their career prospects, create their own businesses and improve their leadership skills.” YPYC has set up annual national flagship youth leadership conference called Young Professionals Transformational Leadership Conference with highly subscribed seasoned conference speakers and statesmen. It also has a national awards scheme to honour and recognize role models annually called Young Professional Role Model Award. “YPYC has awarded and recognized over 60 Role Models including a sitting Vice President and former Presidents of Ghana among other high profile personalities,” Mr Okrah revealed. Going through a very tall list of achievements, the Executive Director kept the events scheduled for this year’s anniversary for 5th June saying, “we shall share with both our local and international audience all our anniversary activities and events”.

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