Young man with cerebral palsy who wants to be software developer gets laptop

A young man with cerebral palsy, who dreams of becoming a software developer, had his dream boosted on Monday as he took delivery of a brand new laptop donated to him by a benevolent man.

Yorm Emilson made the appeal through his brother in a story filed by Portia Gabor which was aired on TV3’s Mission in January 2019. In the said story, Portia highlighted the plight of the 18-year-old who suffered cerebral palsy at the age of five.

Without any formal education, Yorm has learned to communicate and write in English on his own using the internet.

He writes, uses the computer, and go about his daily activities using his toes.

Touched by the plight of Yorm, Edward Lawoe Mensah, on Friday presented a brand new laptop to TV3 to be delivered to Yorm to help him pursue his dream of becoming a software developer.

Yorm who was excited by the kind gesture of Mr Lawoe Mensah, hopes to take personal lessons on the internet with the laptop, something he did using mobile phone which was not convenient.

Currently, his parents are unable to afford a formal education for him. They have thus appealed to the public and benevolent individuals and organizations to come to his aid.

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