Young man in Wa flogging video on the verge of losing eye

The young man seen together with a lady being flogged mercilessly in turns at the Wa-Naa’s palace over a sex video leak has suffered severe injury to his right eye.

The man, Adnan (not his real name) says he has been unable to keep his eye open for long without pain since the incident.

He told TV3’s Komla Adom who travelled to Wa, apart from the severe injury to his eye, he also suffered several bruises from the public flogging.

“Ever since the incident, one of my brothers with the social welfare department came here and took me to the hospital for general body screening, ” he noted.

According to Adnan, “I suffered blisters and bruises but the most severe one has to do with my right eye because one of the people flogging me that day stomped on my eye.”

He could barely sit upright in his seat as he recounted events after the flogging incident.

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And even worse, he cannot walk out in the open without tearing in the affected bloodshot eye.

“When I go out, it becomes blurred and tears begin to stream down the eye. I even wear dark glasses but it doesn’t help much.”

He has been told to report to the eye specialist if he does not see improvement in the situation from the eye drops and medication he was given.

“I pray I don’t lose my sight completely. I leave everything in the hands of God. Maybe I would get some help to regain my sight.”

“It’s been tough,” he added.

Residents in the area where he worked in a family beverage store say he has not been to the store since the incident a week ago.

A viral video captured some men publicly flogging Adnan and a young lady both of whom recorded a sex video, which found its way onto social media.

The flogging according to sources was on the orders of leadership of the palace, as an enforcement of a local law promulgated to ostensibly deal with increasing cases of indecency and publication of nude material by the youth in the Wa municipality.

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By Komla Adom|TV3||Ghana


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