You’ll see wonders if you meet our financial needs – Akuffo cajoles parliament

Sophia Akuffo has been a judge at the Supreme Court since 1995

Justice Sophia Akuffo is coaxing Parliament to avoid cutting down the budgetary demands of the judiciary and standby for a wonderful performance from the judicial system.

Madam Akuffo who is the Chief Justice designate told Parliament’s Appointment Committee Friday that stifling the judiciary of funds is as “bad” as placing a cap on human resource recruitment into the various sectors of the economy, irrespective of the fact that there are vacancies to be filled.

“We need the money to be able to do the work that we have to do,” she told the ranking member of the committee who doubles as the Minority Leader, Haruna Idrissu who wanted to know what the judiciary needs the amount it requests for.

Justice Sophia Akuffo pointed out that the budget presented by the judicial council was “prepared on all requisite sound principle” based on plans and programms the judiciary wants to roll out.

“I believe that quality justice does not come necessarily cheap, but at the end of the line, it is value for money because you will end up with a more satisfied populist,” she said.

She made a strong case for the number of activities the justice delivery system needs to undertake including the provision of facilities, which she maintained is a “requisite to run a good court”.

When asked if she shares the view that once the budget is prepared by the judicial council and submitted to the president, parliament should give approval to “just” what has been presented in order to make the judiciary a better one, she replied:

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“That is the best thing, that is how it should be in best of all possible words…you will see wonders,” she declared with all intent.

If her nomination is approved by parliament, Justice Sophia Akuffo who was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1995 from her private practice would be the second female to occupy the position of a Chief Justice in Ghana after her predecessor Justice Georgina Wood retired on June 8.

By Isaac Essel | | Ghana