You failed one-time premium yet promising free primary healthcare again – Nsia Asare to NDC

Presidential Advisor on Health Dr Anthony Nsia Asare has criticized the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for promising to establish a Free Primary HealthCare plan.

Dr Nsia Asare noted that the NDC failed to fulfil the promise it made to Ghanaians ahead of the 2008 elections to provide a one-time premium pay for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Therefore, he said, the main opposition party cannot be trusted on the new promise it is giving Ghanaians ahead of the 2020 polls.

The NDC has promised to introduce Free Primary HealthCare Plan to assist Ghanaians access primary healthcare without cost.

Dr Edward Omane Boamah, a former Minister of Communications, said the NHIS alone is insufficient in ensuring that all Ghanaians have access to quality health treatment in spite of their financial status, hence the decision of his party to introduce this new plan.

Dr Omane Boamah explained on The Key Points on TV3 over the weekend that his party has the track record of delivering good programmes in the area of health and associated infrastructural development.

“We expanded the National Health Insurance Scheme to admit many but I will be the first to admit that the NHIS is insufficient to deliver a health for all that we are all seeking to achieve nine years from now.”

But Dr Nisah Asare wondered in an interview on the Elections 360 programme on TV3 Tuesday, October 13 what happened to the promise of a one-time premium for NHIS.

“So the answer whether or not their promise is feasible is seen in what they did with the one-time premium they promised.”

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By Regina Saka||Ghana