You don’t need people; You need the right people – Gwen Addo on Entrepreneurship

You don't need people; You need the right people - Gwen Addo on Entrepreneurship
Gwen Addo (CEO Hair Senta)

Gwen Addo, CEO of Hair Senta, shared some business tips on the Day Show with Berla Mundi. She reveals the biggest asset any business looking to scale and grow should invest in.

According to her, having the right people working with and for you is one of the ingredients to a successful entrepreneurial journey. She details mistakes and the need for Ghanaians to have a mindset overhaul for business success.

“Like many entrepreneurs, I think my biggest mistake was thinking that people were my greatest asset. So I was employing people. I thought the more people we had, the better the job will go. But I think getting the right people is your greatest asset. And that is not easy around here. You have to invest in a lot of training.”

Gwen Addo is also the founder and lead facilitator for The Leading Senta, a foundation aimed at grooming young talents to be financially sustainable. They also teach young entrepreneur business strategies to boost growth and scalability.

This is what Gwen Addo had to say about the inspiration and aim for this venture: “It’s important to me because not everybody has support, and a lot of times, we leave everything to the government. So we have to ask ourselves if they are not doing it and we can, why are we not doing it?

So Leading Senta was basically to help the young entrepreneur who probably needs maybe Ghc10,000, Ghc15,000 or Ghc20,00, and they probably will get involved in something that is not worthy of it. So we are here to source funding from others doing well to help some of these young people.”

Watch the full interview below:

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