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You can cut down salaries but to what end? Tackle corruption instead – TUC to gov’t

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC), Joshua Ansah, is calling on government to rather take a look into the waste in the system in order to mitigate the current economic hardship.

He said salaries can be cut by even 50 percent but the outcome and how the savings are spent is what is important.

Mr Ansha expressed these sentiments in an interview with Media General‘s Daniel Opoku on Wednesday, March 23.

He was speaking in the wake of the announcement of salary cuts of government appointees of up to 30 percent.

The Council of State on Tuesday, March 22 also announced a 20 percent cut in allowances until the end of the year.

All these are part of measures to save the economy from worsening.

But the Deputy Secretary-General of the TUC said the most important measure should be cutting down on waste on the part of government.

“[As for] cutting down salaries, you can cut it by 50 percent but what will be the outcome? What will be the result?

“But we must look at where monies are spent, where you think that it could have been used for other things,” he admonished.

He said many people are engaged in corrupt deals in the country and an extra effort to chase these people and make them pay back their loot could help the country save a marginal amount in the economic fight.

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“I think government must take measures in bringing down corruption and all those who have been arrested and those who have been perceived to be corrupt and who have cases in court about corruption, I think should be facilitated very quickly so that the outcome, not that they will be banished but if the monies are refunded into the coffers of the state, I think can do something.”

Source: 3news.com|Ghana