You are very stupid; May the devil visit you – Psalm Adjeteyfio replies DKB and critics

You are very stupid; May the devil visit you – Psalm Adjeteyfio replies DKB and critics
DKB and Psalm Adjeteyfio

Psalm Adjeteyfio, aka TT of Taxi Driver fame, is livid that some people have criticized him for publicly begging for help. He says it is foolish to ask him to account for what he did with his money when he was famous and thriving.

A few weeks ago, an interview went viral when it turned out that the veteran actor was about to be rendered homeless because of his inability to pay his rent. In the interview, he begged viewers to come to his aid and help out with at least Ghc3,000 to pay for 6 months advance rent. His plead touched many people, including the vice president of Ghana, Greater Accra regional minister, CEO of McDan companies, Ayisha Modi and Rev Obofour, who came to his aid.

But they have been others who felt that his situation was entirely his fault. They questioned his choices when he was famous and blamed him for not investing. One person who has been very vocal in this fraction is DKB, the comedian. He advised TT to save some of the cash donations. So that he would have a steady income and stop embarrassing the creative arts industry.

In response, Psalm Adeteyfip cussed out those who questioned him about what he used his money for and why he was always begging.

He said, “I pray that those of you who say all those stupid things may the father send the devil to visit you. And so you tell me what did I do with my money? I find it very stupid.

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If I had my way, I will slap you. This is television. Otherwise, I will say (makes ‘your mother’ insult with fingers).

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana