You are depressed, you just don’t know it – Entertainment pundit Afia Kwakyewaa slams EL

You are depressed, you just don't know it - Entertainment pundit Afia Kwakyewaa slams EL
Afia Kwakyewaa and EL

Entertainment critic Afia Kwakyewaa has diagnosed Rapper and singer EL as someone suffering from a depressive disorder.

According to the vocal entertainment pundit, EL sounding a warning to DJ’s and radio show hosts is a sign of a deeply troubled person. Afia Kwakyewaa described those actions as a symptom of a manic episode.

In a viral video, Elorm Adablah, popularly known in showbiz circles as EL, warned attendees of his concerts to never listen to any of his old songs. He further described DJ’s playing his old songs as oldfangled peeps yearning for a past long gone.

“Don’t come! Don’t come! I don’t like those nostalgic people who are living in the past. You can’t change your mind, you can’t graduate, you can’t change to anything. If you listen to the radio too much, don’t come to my concert. I have DJ’s who play songs, who knows my style, my flex. They are the ones who are going to be playing my music.

The rest I don’t care. Don’t play my music. Don’t play my old songs and expect me to be retweeting them. Don’t tweet at me. I don’t want to hear it. I am now the new EL. I am on a different level now.
So if you can’t relate to it or you don’t understand it, don’t play my music and expect me to engage you and don’t come to my concerts.”

Reacting to this on Onua FM’s lifestyle and entertainment show, Afia told Christian Agyei Frimpong that E L is not in the right frame of mind to be granting interviews.

“Don’t come to my concerts… the concert I am coming to, am I not paying for it? I am paying because you are going to entertain me. So you don’t have the right to say don’t tweet at me or don’t come to my concerts. I think EL is depressed. Yeah, he is depressed, and he really needs a psychologist. He is depressed, and he doesn’t know.” Afia Kwakyewaa stated.

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The Anigye Mmere critic further stated that EL should remove his old songs from DJ’s playlist and online stores if he doesn’t want them to be played.

By Victor Kodom|Onua FM||Ghana