‘Yes’ vote in referendum will help minority parties – PNC National Treasurer

The National Treasurer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Akane Adams, is pushing for a ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum.

According to him, partisan election at the district level will open great opportunities for minority political parties with no representation in Parliament, and deepen Ghana’s decentralization process.

“Election at the district assembly level will afford some of the minority parties the opportunity to have a representation at the district level, because we don’t have representation in parliament, it’s even the minority political parties who should be advocating for this gesture.”

He further explained: “From where I sit, I will go for a YES vote on the 17th December referendum. And the reason I will go for a YES vote is simply of the fact that I think we are over-exaggerating the whole matter with regards to the decision or proposal to amend Article 55(3) of the constitution.”

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with that,” he stressed.

He wondered why many are calling for a NO vote when political parties are already fully engaged in partisan political activities at the district level.

“At the district level political parties are already engaged actively in the entire process so if now there is a proposal that you should be allowed as political parties to engage in the district assembly elections, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that”.

He has also advised political leaders to stop engaging in emotional arguments over the issue and rather educate the public on the entire process.

“I think we have to do away with the emotions, I listen to people and they try to engage in a lot emotional talk, and I don’t think we are in for anything like that. Let’s broaden the scope, let’s engage in a lot of discussions to ensure people really understand the process and so on.”

By Collins Essuman|3news.com|Ghana

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