Yeayi Kobina writes: Will these be our  good old days?

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My grandmother laughed and almost choked the one time I told her I couldn’t wait to grow up and call the shots in my own life. She repeated this popular Akan saying: akola na wodei. My young mind did not understand what she found so hilarious about that moment.

Today as I ponder over life’s journey over Wiyaala’s 4-minute guitar cover of Osibisa’s Woyaye, I can understand the longing with which she mourns over desperately seeking her slice a happy ending in an unforgiving harsh reality that life is uneven and unfair.

 I was 7 when I had that conversation with my grandma, and now that I’m here I laugh at the innocence with which I sort after adulthood.

I could not fathom that a time will come where I will have a yearning for the quality of life that is now lost to time.  However I am certain that what I miss aren’t the things or specific moments, it was the feeling these moments provided- they were not without their bad moments. Our minds tend to forget those and focus on the smiling faces and joys we experienced.

Looking back and wishing for certain experiences is easy when you consider the ‘hand to mouth’ loop many of us are stuck in but as hard as it is to see any great moments these days, they are still happening.

We can all relate, nothing has seemed the same since March of 2020. The tough moments never go away, they only tend to get harder with time.

However that is the price we pay for being alive; to take all the moments, the good the bad, the ugly and sail through them all.

Truth is you’re never going to be prepared for half the upheavals you will go through. It’s important to live in the moment, appreciate and enjoy those moments of brief relief, laughter with friends, your favourite team escaping relegation – its important to find joy in the little things as the life does not need a reason to give you bad times.

There’s no way to tell what moments in your life you’d consider the good old days until you have actually left them. As impossible as it may be now, we might look back on these very trying moments in our lives and describe it as the good old day. 

We can’t go back to our good old days but we can always create new moments now. Moments we will regard as our good old days in the future.

By Yeayi Kobina

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