Xandy Kamel reveals her own private non-profit ‘orphanage’

Xandy Kamel reveals her own private non-profit 'orphanage'
Xandy Kamel

Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel disclosed her philanthropic duties on how she takes care of some unfortunate kids. For Xandy, taking care of these children has become her sole responsibility without taking any money from anyone in discharging her foster duties.

Once an object of ridicule when she went through a messy public separation from her husband, Xandy Kamel seems to have a new focus for her affection. She reveals that she has been fostering about eight children whom she refers to as her own.

“I don’t have biological kids, but I have kids. I really love kids. I don’t know if my destiny is tied to kids, but I just love them so much. That is me.

“It is very expensive. It is not cheap at all. I have about eight (children she is taking care of). I pay school fees for creche, KG, JHS and university,” Xandy told Zion Felix.

Xandy explains that she caters for these children without any external support. She also mentioned that she has never thought about abandoning any because of financial hardships.

“No, I don’t have support coming in from anywhere. For some of them, I don’t even know the parents. I always pray that God should give me the patience and strength to support them until they can stand on their own feet.”

Xandy reasoned that she always refers to her foster kids as her children because she does not want to create any barrier.

“That is why you don’t understand why God is blessing me because I love doing it. Some of them, if you hear their stories, it’s very emotional. Very touching.”

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