W/R: Suspects have been escaping due to weak Police cell

The Dadieso Police Station[/caption] Suspects in police cells at Dadieso Police Station in the Suaman District of the Western Region have been escaping from cells due to the weakened dilapidated mud structure housing the station. The Suaman District Police Commander, Supt. Joseph Ackah, who revealed this to Takoradi-based Connect FM, said the structure that was build in the 1960s has become a deathtrap to both personnel and suspects. “The charge office which is constructed with mud with the roofs leaking whenever its rains. We don’t have good cells for the prisoners… As a result, we have been recording so many jailbreaks for sometime now,” he said. Though he did not say the number of times there suspects have escaped from the cells, he said efforts have been put in place and that has minimized the frequency of the escapes in the police cell. “We have put in measures to limit the prison escapes around this place. I am therefore appealing to authorities to come to our aid and address the challenges,” he said. [caption id="attachment_61098" align="aligncenter" width="564"] The charge office[/caption] Supt. Ackah said the Police station doesn’t even have a hygienic toilet facility and that what they currently use is a pit latrine, adding the residence for police personnel is also in bad shape. Notwithstanding, he said his personnel are giving off their best, and has therefore appealed to authorities to intervene. “We use the pit latrine which is carried and later dumped elsewhere. Where the personnel are residing leaves nothing to write home about, and we feel like we are been punished working here, but we are giving our best despite the challenges A visit to the place by our reporter showed the structure was almost collapsing as the foundation had weakened, the roof worn-out and leaks badly whenever it rains. The structure serves as residence for the 16 police personnel in the station as well as their families. Some police personnel who spoke on condition of anonymity said they feel rejected by the country considering the working conditions they find themselves in in the district. Though they said they are not happy living in such structure, they have had to contend with the situation as there is no alternative accommodation for them.

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By William Benjamin Peters|Connect FM|3news.com]]>