World Kidney Day: Cost of dialysis killing patients faster than disease – Patient

A kidney patient has appealed to government to create a fund to support persons living with the disease.

Thomas Vincent Cann said the fund can pay for dialysis, medication and other general care of patients.

He made this appeal as the world marks World Kidney Day on Thursday, March 10.

The Day is set aside every year to create awareness on the impact of kidney disease globally.

“I recognize this day as very important because of the significance of the campaign about kidney disease and the need for care as well as need to educate and sensitise the public on kidney-related diseases,” Mr Cann, who is also an employee of Media General, told on Thursday, March 10.

The disease is said to be on the rise in Ghana with many a patient reporting at the chronic stage.

Mr Cann, who has lived with the disease for years now, said challenges for patients in Ghana include the inability of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to cater for dialysis and essential medications needed by persons living with kidney disease.

“Unfortunately, because there are not many or enough dialysis machines, patients wait long hours to have their turn to get dialysed,” he said.

He expressed frustration about the dialysis process.

“Imagine going to the hospital where the machines are just few and you even have just one person in front of you in the queue before you get your turn. The number of hours you have to wait before you get your turn to go and spend extra 4 hours on the machine.”

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He also noted that aside the long waste of time, the cost involved is killing patients slowly.

“Again the cost of dialysis and the medication that go with it is very expensive and just the thought of that alone kills people faster than the kidney disease itself,” he said, “because one is thinking of how to get funds to go to the hospital.

“And mind you, if you skip dialysis for a required period, there will be discomfort in your body and that can kill you.”

He admonished Ghanaians to visit the hospital when not well than to engage in self-medication.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana